Iron Workers Shop Local 851


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Welcome to Iron Workers Local 851

Iron Workers Shopmen Local Union No. 851 represents skilled trades professionals in shops throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

Local 851 is diversified in Structural Steel Fabrication – Industrial and Commercial, Steel Suppliers and Reinforcing Rebar. Our signatory companies are some of the most respected and successful in the industry.  We work with the best and we represent the best.

As a Local 851 member you are working for a fair and competitive wage with the safest of workplace environments, retirement and benefit packages and signatory companies that offer apprenticeship opportunities.

Local 851 will help any worker in any industry to become Union and obtain a Labor Agreement that protects your rights.

Why should you consider joining Local 851?

Only union members enjoy the legal right and power to have a say on the job.

Pay rates are negotiated to ensure fairness for everyone and protected in the union contract. Seniority is recognized.

Protected by the contract. Changes can only be made with employee approval.

Awarded fairly according to the process agreed to in the union contract.

Employees have a protected way to challenge any unfair or questionable treatment with the support and representation from their union. Just cause standards are applied with binding arbitration if the parties can’t agree.

Protected in the contract and agreed upon between workers and the employer:

  • Schedules
  • Vacations
  • Workload
  • Subcontracting
  • Work standards
  • Layoff procedures
  • Hours of work

Only union workers enjoy a legally binding written agreement with their employer that defines, protects and guarantees all terms of employment.